“Let’s talk about and remove gender stereotyping in private and public life, we owe it to future generations!”

The students from 5B IN ( Information Technology) have devoted some hours of their School Year Syllabus to a Citizenship project about gender stereotyping issues which, more or less subtly, resist in and impact Italian society. The class activities focused on one of the goals that make up the ‘Agenda 2030 ‘ ambitious list and, specifically, goal no 5 whose purpose is fostering gender equality and equivalent human, social and economic rights, along with opportunities, to each gender in every sphere of modern society.
In the light of what happens on daily basis, of what news tv programmes and other info-media report every other day, the brilliant, socially committed, girls and boys of the last year class really desired to give their small contribution to the aspiring, no more postponable, aim.
Thus they searched for and watched videos about the topic, they read articles, analysed worldwide figures to start off an interesting, partecipated debate about it. To conclude the task, they finally produced some remarkable outputs, precisely hand drawn cardboards and digital materials.
« Every little step taken towards a righteous, straight society makes the world a better place to live in ». That’s what students have declared.

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